Aurora HDR – The Ultimate Photo Editing Tool

Aurora HDR is a new photo editing software that has been developed as a joint project of Macphun and the great photographer Trey Ratcliff. This software is a revolution in much sense. The vibrant color options, the editing tools, the effects are very helpful in the process to get the ultimate shot that is actually derived from an ordinary image. This software helps to bring out the better aspect from any photo. The masking and the brushes are also included in the tools to get the stylish effect if required. The software has all the effects to make the ordinary photo of a digital camera turn into a masterpiece. The software is only available along with a user manual. The HDR photography mac gives a lot of options to explore and it also teaches various aspects of photography.

The software is specifically designed for MAC computers and it supports all the popular image formats. The official website has all the necessary details about photography and the software itself.

Aurora HDR Editing Tool

The advantages of aurora hdr

  • The HDR photography mac is specially made for both the amateurs and the professionals. The photo editing tools are unique for the different applications they have.
  • The tools basically enhance the details in the images. The photographers can choose the details they want to focus on, to get the perfect portrait. The vibrant color options and the adjustments of the lights help to modify the image.
  • A photo speaks a thousand words. Every photographer wants to convey a message through the picture he captures. The article available online can explain a lot about photography and how to capture the best shot.
  • The radiance controls and the extensive colors help to improve the image by every detail. The tools are very user friendly. The one click preset is very useful for the photographers who are very particular about the small details.
  • The colors, the masking and the detail enhancer make the photo more powerful. This tool can use many images of the same object to make one perfect image that can attract everyone.

The official website of the hdr photography has all the information about the software which includes the definition of hdr as well just to give the general idea about high definition photography. The expert’s opinion is also available at the website and there are many photos in the gallery to explain the editing process.

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