Big Ideas for Wedding Planners

There has never been a busier wedding season then the one many wedding planners are seeing now. As the new generation of brides have come along, they are armed with Pinterest images of the perfect wedding. They have done the research and have even messaged their friends saying check out these perfect wedding send off ideas for my wedding this summer!

The sky is the limit in their imagination, and it means that for many wedding planners, coming up with even more outrageous and amazing ideas is simply business as usual. So, what is a wedding planner to do to make sure that their business isn’t left out in the cold? Here are some great ideas from the moment they arrive at the scene until the end of that late-night supper party send-off.

Change up that Wedding Bower

Everyone knows that the bower where the bride and groom take their vows is bound to be the center of the day. It is also bound to be the spot that is photographed the most and shown off the most. So why do it in the boring old same way? If the bride to be is not that big on ordinary floral bowers, you could change it up with trees that meet in the center, grape vines or even huge pampas grass circles. The idea is to have this bower reflect the partnership, so why not quiz the couple on their favorite plants and have them intertwine in the center of the bower? Get creative and think outside of that boring old rose box for this one.

Inside or Outside? Why Not Both?

Of course, unless you live in a climate that is 100% predictable, which nothing is these days, it is always a safer bet to stage that wedding indoors. But if the couple are the kind of people who just love the great outdoors, you can ease the odds by bringing some of the outdoors into an indoor wedding.

Try plenty of large potted trees and even perhaps a bit of grass sodding for the area where the bride and groom will walk down the aisle. This gives your couple some options and they can move the reception outside if the weather holds but keep the basic ceremony indoors just to be safe.

Put the Crafty Back into the Wedding

This is the kind of thing that you can do when someone in the bridal party is a real crafts person. If that includes yarn crafting or macramé, then you might want to have them work together to create the perfect setting. Picture a beautiful handmade backdrop, created and executed by the wedding party as their gift to the bride and groom. It will be the center of the ceremony and the perfect wall hanging for their new home. This is the kind of idea to put on the back burner for just the right couple.

Something Special for the Bridal Bouquet

While it is becoming quite common for the bridal bouquet to have something borrowed in it for good luck, this may go beyond the basic. A new trend is to have the borrowed items be from each generation, from sisters to mothers to grandmothers and even great grandmothers. Watches are an easier one to come up with, and simple to incorporate into the stem of the bridal bouquet. Just be sure she gets them back when she tosses it!