Building Your Brand Through Cutting-Edge Video Animation and Studio Technology

The world of 3D animation and studio technology has grown exponentially over several decades in line with the advances in computer processing power. This has seen a revolution in not only the movie industry, but also in cost-effective video animation solutions for businesses of all sizes across the world. But what benefit does this power bring to the table?

Video Animation and Studio Technology

The Power of New Technology and Video

Computer processing technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in only a decade. What took an entire server farm days and weeks to process back in the late 1990s can now be achieved by a small team of 3D modelling experts and computer animations specialists in a fraction of the time. Whilst the tectonic shift in raw computer processing speed has certainly been a driving factor, the fact is that computer animation is a very big business and services thousands of clients across the world. In fact, the industry is now so widespread that one can even find top quality animation studios in Dubai and other regions that were once technology-poor.

Just as computer-based animation has improved in line with hardware advances, it has also become simpler to execute well through advances in software tools. A studio in Dubai, for example, can now put together a short animated viral video for a business client in Japan and then transfer it digitally through high-speed digital connections.

Building a Brand

As we have all become accustomed to seeing computer animation on our screens, we have also come to view it as a legitimate way for businesses to advertise and build their brand reputation. For as many animated movies that come out of the box offices every year, there are thousands more animated marketing campaigns that are commissioned by businesses across the world.

Video Animation and Studio Technology

Given that we have all become accustomed to instant gratification and seeing high-quality visual effects on our screens every day, it is important for any business to capture the attention of viewers very quickly. One way to do this is through the use of 3D animation to build brand recognition over time. Here are the benefits to a business:

  • Cost-effective: Computer animation and premium-quality video production is more cost- effective than ever before. Advances in computer power, the availability of high-quality software, and the benefits in terms of cost of mass production and economies of scale in the technology industry have enabled lower prices and a lowered barrier of entry. What was once the exclusive domain of rich corporations is now available to just about everyone, and the animation industry has seen a significant surge in demand.
  • Flexible: Through the power of modelling and animation, a company can build their brand in just about any way imaginable. Corporate mascots can be designed and animated, and viral videos can be engineered so as to capture a worldwide audience.

A Revolution in Design and Marketing

Top-quality animation can be used by anyone from a small business looking to put together a series of online tutorials for their products to a chain of hotels wanting some in-house branded animated menu interfaces for their customers. The possibilities are truly endless and the future of the industry looks very bright indeed!