Custom Made Photo Box for Shutterbugs

A good picture always has a great story to tell and that’s why our generation is obsessed with perfect pictures. No matter wherever we go, we want to take pictures. And they can’t be the ordinary ones. We want them as close as any professional work.

These days, you will often find a person with a DSLR dangling from the neck. It has become a common scenario especially among the friends group. But not all have the proper equipments or skills to click a great picture. If your friend or sibling loves photography, gift them a custom made Photo box. It won’t be too heavy on pockets and at the same time be special. And most importantly, they will love you for that.

So, what is a photo box?

A photo box is a simple equipment to control light effects. It is designed to allow light by dispersion, creating a soft effect of highlights and shadows that help in enhancing the quality of the picture. A photo box can also be called a studio box. So you buy any of them, it’s just the same.

It looks like a small 3 sided box. One side is kept open to take shots of the product kept inside it. White lights are already some of them, whereas the primitive ones rely on sunlight. You can but any of the variant expending upon your utility and budget.

Advantages of Photo box

There are many advantages of using a photo box/studio box. Let us check out some of them.

  1. Keep the expensive cameras, lightings and other equipments at bay as when you have a photo box; you don’t need any of these to produce the magical effect.
  2. A photo box comes in various sizes. Usually it is required for product photography rather than life size human. So the sizes vary from small products like jewellery items as large as a long winter coat.
  3. Like a studio would require a lot of room which can be at your home or someplace taken in rent, this one takes up minimum space which makes it ideal for one crew member team and that’s you!
  4. They can be carried anywhere. They are light weight, durable and easy to maintain. Mostly the material used to make the studio box, photos is polypropylene. This gives a matt finish and makes it water proof and anti-flaming.
  5. Reduces the amount of editing required after taking the shots of the product. As it minimises overexposing.

You can also get custom made photo boxes. There are various materials that can be used to make the box. It can of cotton, fibreglass or polyester. These are acoustic materials that aid in noise reduction. Other than that, you can also choose the colour of the material. Yes! The can be of colours other than white.

Nevertheless photo boxes are really good products to invest on for a beginner’s level photographers who are serious about their passion but cannot afford their own studio yet. For them, photo box can be a great cheap alternative.