What are the Important Features of Stop Motion Video?

Stop motion videos have been created by taking several frames of characters in a variety of angles and movements. However, the process would entail the animator to manoeuvre the subject physically for insinuating the motion. In case, for instance, the animator wishes to acquire the feeling of the character walking through a passage, the figurine would be moved one leg after the other. However, these particular shots would be required to be photographed. When it comes to stop motion animation, every step has been deemed crucial. It would also imply that all people who have been a participant in the production of the video would be required to work closely. It would be done to make sure that all scenes stream in the natural way.

Stop Motion Video

Important aspects of stop motion video

Among the various aspects of stop motion video, the most important has been the story. Despite the importance of the production technique, people would be more interested in the story along with the series of events taking place. This would imply that the experienced team of qualified animators would be required to encompass a decent script to start with. However, in order to provide the story a proper finish, you would be requiring a good voice over. It implies that the narrator should have an extremely good voice. Moreover, the video should blend decently well along with the character. Overall, nothing should appear out of place. You would also have the option of editing the voice in order to make it more suitable for your video.

Different uses of stop motion video

It would not be wrong to suggest that stop motion videos does not have any boundary. Consequently, it could be used for various purposes. Find below few methods whereby you could make use of stop motion video.

of stop motion video

Marketing products

The most common usage of stop motion videos has been to market various kinds of products. Any kind of animation made by this process has been fun to look at. Moreover, it could be used for product awareness campaigns along with reviving the product that has been lacking behind in the competitive market. The main aim of marketing would be to allure several people to the marketed product by making them visible to all. However, with several videos available the market, you would be required to create creative videos.


Stop motion videos could be incorporated in e-learning programme. As a result, difficult concepts could be broken into easily understandable ones. The boredom encompassed in e learning, due to lack of interaction could be dispensed with by creating a livelier atmosphere for the students through the concept of stop motion videos.

 Features of Stop Motion