Why a Photo Booth Should Be a Staple at Every Wedding

Anyone who has attended a wedding in the past five years has likely stepped into a photo booth. The travelling photo booth industry has grown tremendously in recent years, and for a good reason. If you are debating between having one at your wedding or not, below are five compelling reasons why you should have a booth fired up and ready to go on your big day:

Staple Every Wedding

The Entertainment Factor

Photo booths are fun for everyone. Chatter, giggling and laughter can be heard erupting from within a photo booth as guests try on new disguises and strike hilarious poses which they may not otherwise attempt “in real life.” They are incredibly entertaining and almost everyone who is at your wedding will venture inside, including your grandparents.

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An Instant Wedding Favour

Stop agonising over what you can give your guests as a takeaway from your big day and have your photo booth do the work for you. The best companies which provide photo booths in Melbourne are able to customise and brand the images which are snapped during your wedding, so brides and grooms can include their names and the date of their wedding on the picture which is printed from the booth. As an added bonus, your guests are more likely to keep their photo booth picture than any other favour.

Instant Wedding Favour

Creating Memories

As much as your wedding is about you, it is also about uniting new families and reuniting family members who may have gone months, if not years, without seeing one another. Photo booths create the perfect opportunity for everyone to create new and exciting memories and to capture moments which he or she will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Photo Booth Wedding

Building a Guest Book

The guest book at a wedding can be incredibly daunting for those who are in attendance. No one wants to leave a generic response in a guest book, but nearly everyone has nowhere near the time to leave a thoughtful note to the brand new bride and groom. This often leads to your guests unintentionally not signing the guest book at all.

By having a photo booth, the bride and groom can build a fun visual guest book. It will also provide them with surprising glimpses of what happened during their wedding and the reception when they were not looking.

Building a Guest Book

A Moment Alone

During a day which is so much about the bride and the groom, the two actually spend very little time privately alone with one another. From taking professional pictures and chatting with guests to visiting table after table during the reception, newlyweds often have little more than a few words of exchange between each other before they are interrupted or needed for speeches, photo ops, and more.

The photo booth is not just about the guests and it is very much about providing the newly married couple with a chance to unwind and be silly after what has likely been a somewhat stressful day. Comparing your crazy photos with those of your guests will also provide hours of fun and laughter ’til death do you part.

A Moment Alone